2021 Concerts

In 2020, we were able to share our 30th anniversary celebrations with you online and in a distanced way. We are excited and hopeful as we are now able to rehearse together and we look forward to sharing our music with you in a live setting again. With the safety, health and wellbeing of the Ensemble and our audiences in the forefront of our minds, we will continue to monitor COVID-19 guidelines and make adjustments as required.


Upcoming Performances

Melbourne Recital Centre: Josquin des Prez Memorial Series

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Josquin des Prez, of whom Martin Luther said, ‘Josquin is master of the notes, which must do as he wishes; other composers must do as the notes wish.’

Wednesday, 5th May 2021

Josquin des Prez, Prince of Music

Josquin des Prez          Praeter rerum seriem

(c.1450–1521)                Stabat mater

                                       Inviolata, integra, et casta es Maria

                                       Salve regina

                                       Regina caeli laetare

                                       Miserere mei, Deus


The first of our two programs commemorating this Prince of Music, as he was known in the 16th century, consists of six of his greatest motets. Of these, it is no exaggeration to say that Praeter rerum seriem must be one of the most original works of all time, while Miserere mei, Deus is regarded by some as the greatest musical creation of the Renaissance, one commentator claiming it as the musical equivalent of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Monday, 11th October 2021

In memoriam Josquin des Prez

Jheronimus Vinders           O mors inevitabilis

(fl. 1510–1550)

Benedictus Appenzeller    Musae Iovis

(c.1480/88–after 1558)

 Nicolas Gombert               Musae Iovis


 Jachet da Mantua              Dum vastos Adriae 


Jean Richafort                      Missa pro defunctis


This program consists of five works written in Josquin’s memory shortly after his death in 1521. All four motets mention Josquin by name, while Jachet’s Dum vastos Adriae also quotes words and music from each of the six Josquin motets heard in the first program of this series. And although Richafort’s Requiem does not mention Josquin by name, it quotes extensively from his music.


Woodend Winter Arts Festival Concerts


UPDATED: Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th July 2021

Festival favourites Ensemble Gombert will perform two daytime a cappella concerts of Anniversaries, including music by Josquin des Prez, Michael Praetorius, Stravinsky and Vaughan Williams’ Mass in G minor.