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Sing with Ensemble Gombert

Ensemble Gombert is a choir of 18-24 singers with a wide age range from university students to retirees. We are a friendly, inclusive and diverse group. The majority of our members are not professional musicians, but come together for the love of singing.

Our members are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances, unless illness or important scheduling conflicts occur, and also to practice their parts outside of rehearsals. In recognition of this commitment, we do not charge a membership fee, except for a $2 donation at our annual AGM. 

For more information please peruse the FAQ below, and feel free to contact us through the site or social media if you have any questions. 

We are not currently seeking new members at this time. When we need new members we will announce it on our website and Facebook. 

  • What kind of people join?
    Ensemble Gombert is a diverse group of renaissance polyphony enthusiasts and people who simply enjoy singing and performing choral music to a high standard. You do not need to belong to any particular social group, religion or age group in order to join, and LGBTQA+ singers are 100% welcome.
  • What skills do I need?
    To sing with us you must be able to sight-read with confidence, as we rehearse without accompaniment and work through repertoire rapidly. Sheet music is provided at the first rehearsal and private practice is expected. The suitability of your voice to fit within our existing choral sound will also be an important factor. We are known for our intonation, so excellent tuning is a must.
  • What kind of music do you sing?
    We specialise in a cappella music of the high renaissance period, but our repertoire includes composers throughout the centuries up to and including some from among our own members. Our archive site contains a full list of all our concerts and repertoire to date
  • How often do you perform?
    Ensemble Gombert currently performs on average six-eight times a year, which typically includes 2-3 performances at the Melbourne Recital Centre, 2 at the Woodend Winter Arts Festival in June, a concert of Christmas or Easter music and a concert of carols in December. Members are expected to perform in all concerts unless illness or important scheduling conflicts arise.
  • When and where are rehearsals?
    We rehearse from 7.30-10pm on Tuesday nights most nights of the year between February and November, usually with a few weeks break in the middle of the year and school holidays. Members must be able to attend most of these rehearsals to be able to perform in concerts. Our weekly rehearsal venue is Trinity College in Parkville.
  • What is the performance dress code?
    Gombert typically performs in smart, full length (covering knees and shoulders) black, the form of which is the performer’s choice. For those who wear suits, black tie attire will be required on occasion. For some concerts, choristers also wear green jackets or scarves / pocket-squares, which are provided.
  • Is there a membership fee?
    In recognition of our members' dedication and commitment to singing with us, membership of Gombert comes at the low price of $2 a year, paid at the annual AGM (held during rehearsal). There are no other costs associated with performing with us, with the exception of tours, when you may be asked to contribute the cost of your flights and accomodation.
  • How do I apply?
    If you are interested in singing with us, please send us a direct message via the contact page. Please include your preferred voice part and musical experience, and contact details. We do not always have capacity for extra members, however we do sometimes need to call on extra voices when we do not have our full contingent, and your details will be added to this list. If we are currently taking on new members, we will be in touch. Open auditions will be advertised on our website and facebook page, so we suggest you follow our social media and sign up to the newsletter for updates.


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