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This CD was created in honour of and in support of the choir's tour to Europe in 2015. Containing a selection of recordings including many that were performed on the tour, it is a high-quality gift for anyone who loves choral music.


1. Thomas Tallis - Miserere nostri

2. Thomas Tallis - Derelinquat impius

3. William Byrd - Endedemus in melius

4. Clemens non Papa - Fremuit spiritu Jesus

5. Michael Praetorius - Jesaia dem Propheten

6. Johann Schein - Das ist mir lieb

7. Calvin Bowman - Beach Burial (Slessor)


Calvin Bowman - To Daffadills (Herrick)

8. i. The comming of good luck 

9. ii. Upon his departure hence

10. iii. A Hymne to Bacchus

11. iv. To Daffadills

12. v. Upon a child

13. vi. The Hag


Calvin Bowman - Death be not Proud (Donne)

14. i. If faithful souls

15. ii. Thou hast made me

16. iii. At the round earths imagin'd corners

17. iv. Death be not proud

Ensemble Gombert Live (CD)

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